All about love, passion, traditions and fun!

Huhn Cycles is our comitted way to share our vision for mountain biking, enjoying the outdoors in a way that is sustainable for our environment and community.
We design, test and manufacture under one roof, in a few spaces that enables an close link between design and manufacturing. Our partners are locally based and true friends. If no local suppliers exist, we’re eager to improve short supply chains. We believe in local production and regardful togetherness.
Each Huhn frame is built for a quality ride in nature, being durable and long-lasting so you can pass it down to your kids, siblings or your favourite newcomer.

Our foundation for every decision and every path we take is based precisely on these core values.
To make our chosen paths tangible, we have become a strong defender of honest-to-goodness transparency. Through transparency, we want to enable exchange at all trade levels concerned, face up to our responsibilities and take you with us on our journey towards a more sustainable bicycle industry.

Our visible base

Our Huhn headquarter is located in the Fichtelgebirge, nestled between the peaks Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf. And all around: lots of magical trails.
Our headquarter is a former old barn, which a few years ago was used as a small herb shop and on the other side of the building as a chicken coop. With a lot of drive and helping friends, Andrea and Ralf converted the barn into their own dream house in 2020. The basic structure of the barn was retained during the conversion and restored in combination with natural building materials. In the former herb shop we now cook together, work on ideas and in the former chicken coop we have our workshop and Huhn office.
A showroom with a coffee machine and a view is being planned - stay tuned you Fláneurs!

Our invisible base

Currently, we are supplied with one hundred percent ecological electricity from Bürgerwerke. If you are interested in how citizen participation and the energy transition can go hand in hand, take a look at the Bürgerwerke website.
In the near future, we will have our own photovoltaic systems on our roofs.


Since banking institutions have a huge leverage effect on which industries and projects are to be invested in the future, it is also important for us to have a responsible partner here. That's why we conduct every business transaction through the established and sustainable bank GLS. GLS invests in education projects, housing, renewable energies and sustainable economy. It rejects investment opportunities in armed forces projects, nuclear energy, child labour and animal testing. Perfect match!

Our partner for our web hosting is located in Berlin, supplies its own data centre with 100% natural electricity and offers your and our data protection according to German data protection laws. Our loyal partner: Strato


  • Huhn Cycles 129 ST
  • Huhn 0 Zero Hardtail
  • Huhn 129 Ti

We want to create a bicycle that lures us back into nature again and again with its high durability, aesthetics and guaranteed riding pleasure. The strongly pronounced timelessness of our frame is intended to counteract and break the trend towards a product that is constantly being replaced. It should be able to be proudly passed on to a good friend or grandchildren after years full of wonderful memories.
Timelessness, longevity and repairability were the deciding characteristics for us to use steel and titanium as material for our frames.
And all of that: Made in Germany!

Behind the product

So far so good!
However, we still go beyond the prestigious "Made in Germany" label, dear friends!
We want to establish a supply chain philosophy that screens every single manufacturing process and every associated material in the supply chain.
We are following up on this responsibility:


Our 853 air hardening steel tubes come from the traditional company Reynolds in England. And we are proud to announce that these tubes are made of 100% recycled steel. This steel is reprocessed in Germany and delivered to Reynolds.
Our titanium tubes are currently taking a longer journey. Even though titanium is one of the ten most common materials in the earth's crust, it is found almost exclusively in chemically bound form as a component of minerals. The main deposits are not in Europe. To keep the supply chain short and avoid multiple global deliveries, we have decided to advocate material extraction, processing and tube production from a single country. We are currently successfully achieving this with highquality Chinese grade 9 titanium tubes.
As the mining and manufacturing process of titanium is very complex, which is reflected in the high price of titanium, we are following studies and developments on innovative titanium recycling processes in Germany and France with huge interest. We are in favour of a recycling process here as well and will apply it as soon as this is possible.

  • Huhn tubes
  • Reynolds steel tubing Huhn
  • Huhn Rohr

Additive manufactured parts

Our additive parts are the heart of our frames and give the classic material steel and titanium its sleek appearance.
The titanium additive parts are manufactured in Würzburg by Headmade Materials with their own developed and innovative Cold Metal Fusion process. The Cold Metal Fusion process uses significantly less energy than conventional printing methods. During the printing process, no support structure is required, as was previously the case. Also, the used and exceeded powder can be reused to 100%. All in all, the Cold Metal Fusion process ensures a zero-waste product. The exclusivity of the Cold Metal Fusion process developed by Headmade Materials currently ensures that the supplier of the titanium powder cannot be named. It is satisfying to know that Headmade Materials has voluntarily committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals - but we remain in close contact with Headmade Materials and continue to work on our transparency.

  • Huhn Process2
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  • Huhn Process 3
  • Huhn Cycles Process Welding
  • CNC Huhn


We develop, design and put every prototype Huhn until serial perfection through its paces in the Fichtelgebirge.
We weld our prototypes in our own Huhn workshop. To achieve perfection in series production, we have our titanium and steel frames welded locally in Kulmbach at Dinkel Schweißtechnik. The excellent safety standards, the willing transfer of knowledge, the attention to detail and 30 years of welding experience all perfect a timeless Huhn frame.
Afterwards, all bearing seats of the rear triangle are reworked with a five-axis CNC milling machine. The extremely accurate bearing seats ensure that no bearing or frame component can become strained and runs smoothly even after endless trail rides. 

In order to be able to certify a Huhn frame with high durability, we also work closely with the EFBE testing institute and have our Huhn 129 Ti tested in the EFBE Tri-Test and certified with the certificate "ASTM F2043-13 category 5, bike park and race use".
Yes, ASTM F2043-13 category 5 says pure Rock´n´Roll.

Responsibility - taking care of our chickens

We enjoy our local forests. We enjoy the diversity of nature. To preserve and promote this diversity, we cooperate with Bergwaldprojekt.
Bergwaldpojekt is an association dedicated to the protection, conservation and care of the forest, especially the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes. Bergwaldprojekt promotes an understanding of the interrelationships in nature, the concerns of the forest and the dependence of mankind on this basis of life.
One of many projects takes place right here in the Fichtelgebirge. Among to the protection of the "Auerhuhn", living wild in the Fichtelgebirge! If you would also like to be part of a project, simply contact Bergwaldprojekt.
Every owner of a Huhn frame will receive a one-year sponsor membership to the Bergwaldprojekt.

  • Bergwaldprojekt e.V. 1 (4)
  • Bergwaldprojekt e.V. 1 (2)
  • Bergwaldprojekt e.V. 1 (3)
  • Bergwaldprojekt e.V. 1 (1)


We try to create our frames with the greatest possible care and responsibility. It is always important for us to be able to react openly to changes and developments. Our understanding of creating a more sustainable environment and resource-saving behaviour does not stop with one decision. We read and discuss studies on the total CO2 footprint of titanium, steel and carbon processing without prejudice. What social responsibilities are assumed in the process? Where does sustainability start, where does it end?!
Our experience shows that many studies are strongly dependent on which institution is researching them with which question. It is even more dependent on the holistic approach. For these reasons we try to be open-minded on a daily basis and weigh up every aspect of our frame-production and include it in our considerations. This process is dynamic and requires openness. That is precisely
what we are.


If you are interested in our decision making, don't want to miss developments in the supply chain, feel free to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our social channels.