Huhn 129 Ti - Made in Germany

The Huhn 129 Ti likes back country epics and pedalling laps on your local trails until your legs are fried.

Our Titanium Trailbike is light and nimble with an incredible trail feel, and just the perfect amount of feedback. Its modern geometry puts you in a powerful, confident riding position, so you can focus on what’s ahead. Combine that with the precision of 29" wheels, and you'll be able to cut corners like a chicken does.

The Huhn 129 Ti is made from a combination of beautiful seamless titanium tubes and innovative additive titanium parts. The tubes are Grade 9 construction and offer maximum durability combined with perfect stiffness for a trail bike.
The additive titanium parts are manufactured using the cutting edge Cold Metal Fusion process. The process requires significantly less energy than conventional printing processes, while at the same time the excess powder can be 100% recycled.
Lovingly and precisely joined together, this combination offers an outstandingly durable and sleek lifetime product.


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You´ve got the freedom to choose between 129mm or 117mm rear travel.
For 129mm rear travel, you need a 210x55mm shock.
For 117mm rear travel, you need a 210x50mm shock.

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We have started Huhn with one frame size and now we are moving on to the next round:
Every single trail, every riding style and ultimately every body type is different. For these reasons, we throw out classic size classifications ala S, M, L, XL etc. and recommend frame sizes according to riding style, preferred trails and your own body anatomy.
Our frames are all deliberately designed with a very short seat tube and low standover height. The different frame sizes vary primarily in the length of the reach. This means that each person can choose the right frame size to suit their own mix of riding style, preferred trails and body anatomy. H1 & H2 are in the wings! Stay tuned.

We are still a very young and small company and each frame size is extensively constructed, tested on trails and certified on the test facility of the EFBE Institute.
These tests are important, but understandably not for free. That's why we currently only offer frame sizes H1 and H2. If our H1 size is too oversized or H2 too undersized for you, but you find Huhn Cycles interesting, share your interest with us. We are always interested in feedback, we will consider it and of course we are happy if the Huhn variety becomes even more diverse in the future.


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We enjoy our local forests. We enjoy the diversity of nature.
To preserve and promote this diversity, we cooperate with Bergwaldprojekt and every owner of a Huhn frame will receive a one-year membership to the Bergwaldprojekt.
Bergwaldpojekt is an association dedicated to the protection, conservation and care of the forest, especially the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes. One of many projects takes place right here in the Fichtelgebirge. If you would also like to be part of a project, simply contact Bergwaldprojekt.

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Huhn frames are durable and long-lasting. A frame you can pass down to your kids. We aspire to this claim day by day. Everything else wouldn´t fit with our own company philosophy.
That's why every Huhn frame comes with a 5-year warranty and a lifetime frame crash replacement programme.

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You are welcome for a testride at Huhn Cycles. You can pick your preferred Huhn and we´ll show you some of our favourite trails and views in the Fichtelgebirge.
To have a look at our testing opportunities, click this button right here.


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