Huhn Cycles are bikes that are durable and long-lasting bikes that you can pass down to your kids, little siblings or your favourite newcomer. We aspire to this claim day by day. Everything else wouldn´t fit with our own company philosophy. But you also have to note that the wide range of experiences and environments that mountain bikes encounter makes it impossible to account for every rider type, style, and aspect of misuse and misfortune. For this reason we feel it is misleading to offer a warranty which are full of ifs, ands, and buts.

Manufacturing defects typically reveal themselves within a relatively short time of ownership. Should a failure occur within the guarantee period of 5 years, because of one of these, we will act expediently to get the owner a replacement.
Theoretically mountain bike frames and products do have a usable lifespan. Maybe the day will never come, but if a Huhn gets broken, we know a broken frame never makes for a good day, so for this reason we will provide discountedreplacements for the lifetime of the frame. The discount will depend on the age of the frame, replacement necessary, and circumstance. In order to take advantage of the Huhn Lifetime Frame Support program, you will need to provide proof of purchase. If you purchased directly through Huhn, please provide us the invoice number and date to your description of the issue. To receive a replacement, the rider is responsible for shipping us the frame or component in question.
We are not responsible for any component failures attached to the bike, but we will help connect you with the proper manufacturer to rectify the issue.


If you have any technical questions about your Huhn, feel free to contact us.